Shutters and blinds

Repair and Replacement Shutters and blinds in

Trieste e Gorizia

Why call Speedycasa to repair your shutter?

Speedycasa  offers an efficient repair service for roller blinds and shutters of all types and sizes.

The replacement and repair (where possible) of a shutter, or a rolling shutter, requires competent technicians, able to work any type of model currently on the market; for this reason the best solution is to rely on an expert in the sector. PVC shutters, reinforced PVC and aluminum shutters have no secrets for us, SpeedyCasa will always be able to provide the best product and assistance depending on the type of home.

Speedycasa uses shutters and shutters, with high standards, these are products certified by the manufacturers, to provide maximum living comfort, both thermal and acoustic, all in compliance with European standards.

By calling Speedycasa during normal working hours you can receive a completely free estimate, after an on-site inspection to view the damage, on the contrary if you have particular urgency or if you are in a situation of potential prejudice for you or your property, the staff of the company succeeds to provide 24/7 assistance for interventions such as: opening doors, replacing locked locks, locked armored doors, locked gates, shutters and shutters stuck or blocked, throughout the territory of Trieste and Gorizia.

If you are interested in learning more about the subject, we invite you to visit our thematic site on roller shutters, shutters and blinds.