Shutters and blinds Trieste Gorizia

Why call Speedycasa to repair your shutter?

Speedycasa  offers an efficient repair service for roller blinds and shutters of all types and sizes.

The company’s staff is able to provide 24-hour assistance for jobs such as: opening doors, replacing locks, security doors, gates, shutters and blinds throughout the territories of Trieste and Gorizia.

The repair of a shutter, or a blind, requires competent technicians, able to work on any type of model currently on the market; for this reason, the best solution is to rely on an expert in the field.

Speedycasa’s technicians have the right training and a long experience behind them, which is supported by a continuous willingness to stay up to date on new technologies and recent models.

Speedycasa is able to install and adjust windowsshutters and blinds, to a high standard. In addition, every piece of work is certified, to provide the maximum comfort of living, both thermal and acoustic, all in compliance with European standards..

Calling Speedycasa’s emergency repair service, you can receive a completely free estimate, after on-site inspection to view the damage.

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