Boilers and Air Conditioning

Boilers and Air Conditioning

Trieste Gorizia

Speedycasa deals with the installation and repair of the boilers in your heating system.

This operation, which is particularly delicate, requires expert technicians in order to guarantee the work is certified and legally compliant.

Speedycasa has the necessary qualifications to operate on gas systems, which are widely known to be very delicate systems where even the slightest oversight can cause potential danger. Our technicians offer maximum reliability and over twenty years of experience in the maintenance and installation of boilers.

Today, by replacing an old boiler with a new generation model, large energy savings can be achieved, in particular when condensing boilers are installed in combination with thermostatic valves on radiators. This operation is strongly recommended when you want to improve energy efficiency of your home to get a better EPC certificate and thus increase the commercial value of your home.

The company also takes care of the annual maintenance of the boiler and the smoke detector provided for by current legislation.

Speedycasa repairs, replaces and installs every type and brand of boiler, operating throughout the provinces of TriesteGorizia and Udine.

Speedycasa is also specialized in the installation of air conditioners and climate control systems, with completely free inspection and cost estimate. Exceptionally, the company is also available to install air conditioning systems purchased from third parties.

Rely on Speedycasa for the installation and maintenance of air conditioning systems and boilers, contact us now!