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Replacement and repair of doors and locks in

Trieste Gorizia

Speedycasa offers rapid and punctual assistance services concerning: replacing locks, replacing armoured doorsgatesshutters and blinds, operating throughout the territory of Trieste and Gorizia.

It often happens that you hear the key struggling to turn in the lock of a door or find it difficult to open an armored door, for this reason the Speedycasa switchboard is always active, to quickly fix these problems. In fact, persisting in the difficult opening of a lock or even an armored door, you will certainly encounter a breakdown, which in addition to creating an inconvenience with obvious waste of time will force the locksmith to work most of the time in urgency with an increase in costs. .

This is why if you have the problems described above do not hesitate to contact us, we will make an appointment and as soon as possible Speedycasa will send an expert locksmith on site to check the defect and draw up a free estimate.

Nowadays, defending one’s assets and one’s home is essential, for this reason it is desirable to install a modern armored door. The models on the market today are within the reach of all families and, once installed, the security you will get will be priceless, we will choose it together on the basis of the potential of the danger of intrusion, in fact there are six levels of security door each with its own pro of which the first 4 suitable for residential use and the last two for use in banks or jewelers.

If you need an intervention on closing systems for boxes, shops or windows, we invite you to visit the page of the site “Shutters and blinds”

Sleep peacefully, call Speedycasa for a free quote.