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Do you need an experienced and honest locksmith in Trieste to repair doors or replace locks? Speedycasa also offers this type of service, available 24 hours a day.

Speedycasa’s locksmiths are able to perform rapid repairs such as: opening doors, replacing locks, opening armoured doors, gates, blinds and shutters, operating throughout the territory of Trieste and Gorizia.

Speedycasa is able to open locked or non-functioning locks, operating on any type of lock: cylinder, electronic or lever.

The company’s technicians offer urgent assistance in case of locked doors, either normal, armoured or reinforced.e.

In addition to repairs, the company can also replace old doors and locks with new ones, which you can choose either by consulting the catalogue or by purchasing them from external suppliers. For this type of service, we advise you to continue on the “Doors and Locks” page on our site

The company only uses the best products on the market and the least invasive techniques to unlock locks and doors.

Our skills as locksmiths are not limited to emergency operations such as unlocking and opening but we also carry out more complex works such as the creation of security grilles for windows and door windows, as well as the repair and restoration of doors, gates, and metal railings. Remember that anti-intrusion devices, as well as grills and bars, are included in the renovation bonus up to 31/12/2017 and, while availability remains, in the regional security grants.

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