Insulation cladding and roof repairs

Insulation cladding

and roof repairs

Many companies deal with insulation cladding, but few know how to realise it as a work of art; Speedycasa   is able to carry out this procedure without problems. Thermal insulation cladding is a technical procedure that ensures maximum thermal and acoustic insulation of the walls. The “cladding” can also be installed in an inhabited house, as it does not require the property to be vacated.

Speedycasa   offers you the possibility to receive a free estimate with inspection, to carry out the certified insulation of your walls. Insulation cladding requires that panels of insulating material be applied to the walls, to which they are fixed with glues and tiling. These insulating panels are then treated and painted. The insulation is a rather simple procedure and should be absolutely recommended when carrying out a building renovation.

Roof insulation

Speedycasa  is able to insulate and waterproof your roofRoof insulation is the technical term used to describe the thermal insulation of the roof, with the aim of reducing heat conduction to the outside of the building. This isolation also prevents the entry of heat during the summer.

The insulation can be installed in the attic or under the pitch. An uninsulated roof allows the escape of heat to the outside and the entry of heat during the summer, so in winter you spend more on heating and in summer you are forced to use the air conditioning systems. Speedycasa  offers a perfect solution to insulate your home and make it cosy for all seasons.