Turnkey bathroom and kitchen


The Speedycasa company specializes in “turnkey” bathroom and kitchen renovation, and operates exclusively in the provinces of Trieste and Gorizia. Our company will give you a complete service from “A” to “Z”, starting with the free inspection and ending with the delivery of the bathroom or kitchen renovated to perfection.

Our experts will be able to listen to your needs, advise you in the purchase of finishes while always respecting your budget. The bathroom is an important room, it must provide a high level of comfort while also giving its part to the eye, being one of the most complex rooms to be built on the technical side, do not trust anyone but rely on those who have been involved in renovating the bathroom for many years.

Is it possible to renovate

an entire bathroom

in 7 days?

Given that any renovation work is a story in itself with its problems and / or inconveniences, we can say with full knowledge of the fact that the renovation of the bathroom in a week is certainly feasible.

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Demolition of the bathroom

The team arrives at their destination and opens the building site, the water is closed with the keys to stop and the bathroom is sealed and any rooms nearby because unfortunately the demolition operation generates a lot of dust. Then begins the actual demolition also called dismantling, the furnishings are removed, the sanitaryware dismantled, and demolition of the floor coverings, floors and screed. The screed is demolished due to the complete replacement of the plumbing pipes. In this phase the traces are marked where the pipes of the plumbing system will be positioned, the loading and unloading connections of the sanitary ware and the tub or shower. The mason takes care of this first phase, which also marks the traces (where the new pipes will be placed, the connections for the sink, the drainage of the tub / shower ...) with the supervision of the plumber. This is the most annoying phase because of the noise, dust and the removal of debris, but know that we are particularly picky when it comes to cleanliness and order.

Day 1

Plumbing and electrical system

After the demolition we move on to the first phase of restructuring, in fact it touches our team composed of plumber and electrician. Both the plumbing and the electrical system will be laid, paying great attention and attention because a small error in the hydraulic system can lead to hydraulic loss with all the inconveniences of the case. Since it is a restructuring there may also be different provisions of bath and / or shower and sanitary, obviously there are limits set by slope and discharge, but very often it is possible to revolutionize the bathroom. In this phase the shower tray (not the shower box) or the bathtub will be laid, which will then be covered with tiles or other types of finish.

Day 2

Closing tracks and screed

On this day our construction team returns with the task of closing the traces of the plumbing and electrical system and to make the concrete casting to level the screed, on which the tiles will be glued, therefore the objective is get a perfectly straight floor or as you say "bubble" jargon. Although it looks like a simple phase it is not at all because if the screed is not leveled, it will not even be the tile coating. On the wall you will see only the empty boxes of the electrical system. Then comes the critical moment: drying. You can well imagine that if you are in November or August the times will inevitably be different.

Day 3

Laying the floor

This is the day when the renovation begins to show how the bathroom will be completely renovated. The floor tiles are laid with the perfectly dry screed. Tiling works must be done by expert masons, a work in a workmanlike manner takes time and an excellent glue should be used, needless to say that nobody must enter the bathroom until it can be walked on again.

Day 4

Laying of coverings

For the cladding the same rules apply to the floor, it takes time and requires an expert tiler who knows how to advise from the beginning, in fact today the tiling line typically goes up to just over 2mt or around one meter and twenty. In some cases only critical areas such as a shower or sink are tiled, but this is something we do not recommend especially for small bathrooms.

Day 5

Installation of sanitary fittings and faucets

We are almost there, today the bathroom will take its final form because it comes on the scene of the plumber who will have the task of fitting taps, sanitary ware, and shower cubicle. The installation is intended complete with all the pipes, gaskets and fittings. Once the plumber ends up touching the electrical system, the cables are passed, the sockets and fruits are mounted, once everything is safe, the bathroom is connected to the electrical system of the house.

Day 6

Final test

The works are completed and the final test is carried out in the presence of the owner where it is ensured that the hydraulic system is kept and the electrical system functions properly. There must be no leaks, low pressure, and chipping in the pottery. Last: a nice general cleaning to deliver a renovated turnkey bathroom. Normally 7 days are an acceptable time to make a bathroom, very often you get there in 5, but beware of who tells you that you can do in 3, especially for the drying time of mortars and glues, because you can use hot air or infrared devices but can create cracks in paint or mortar.

Day 7

Building renovation: for many but not for ALL!

Have you ever seen a floor collapse? Have you ever seen a worker with a breaker knocking a wall aside and also the toilet box on the other side? They are not fantasies but really happened facts and as comical as they may have created big problems for the owners of the buildings, in particular because in both cases the company was not insured against damages to third parties. Remember that a serious company always has an insurance policy even if it is not mandatory.

Up to 30% discount on bathroom and kitchen renovations

For years we have been dealing with building renovations on both the province of Trieste and that of Gorizia, and with the same quality we do not fear comparisons on our estimates. In case you already have an estimate for the renovation, we invite you to call us for a free inspection, often we have managed to drop 30% compared to our competitors.

Tax benefits Restructuring, 50% and 65% bonus

Given that the tax legislation relating to tax breaks on renovations and new buildings undergoes changes every year, we prefer to indicate the two reference sites where you can find the legislation and the news explained in depth.